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Da Holidays at Legoland.

Da Holidays at Legoland.

During Turkey Day Break, the Monkey, the Boyfriend and I piled into Betty the PT Crapper and drove down to San Diego. It’s something my family always did. Find ways to get out of the house and well, that usually involved theme parks. My Mama always took us to theme parks for breaks and it rocked. So now that I’ve gotten the Boyfriend on the same kick, we rock it whenever we can to a theme park. While we are usually Disneyland fanatics this holiday break took us to a whole new realm. Legoland.

Being on a budget this time of year sucks. However, I was raised by folks with the knack for making big things happen on budgets of all shapes and sizes. We’d been planning this trip since I was lucky enough to grab some Legoland tickets from Klout and we weren’t going to let anything stand in our way! And of course while we were in town, we had to throw in a trip to our favorite SD theme park…Sea World! (insert air guitar here)

After arriving at Legoland, we realized that there were a few things that were not mentioned on their website. Being first timers, we sorta depended a lot on their app, which the Boyfriend downloaded the night before and a quick trip to their webpage. But, really the app was supposed to be my BFF whilst planning our attack. We set the alarm clock for an early rise to make it there in time for optimal funage and we were sorely misled by the app’s information…

  1. Even if it says they open at 9am, most of the attractions don’t actually open at that time and well it’s kind of an inconvenience for novices such as ourselves.
  2. IF you plan on going early, there are zero restaurants open at that time either that offer anything but snacks. Total fail in my book.

Even with the set back we hit the ground running after a light breakfast snack and some extra coffee. Legoland is packed with awesome things for kids of the Monkey’s age range to do. Amazing coaster rides, great themed rides with Lego attractions and of course there’s the Star Wars Lego area that really took the cake!

One of the main things that Legoland was certainly winning at was the whole holiday-land-snow-thing…Sea World has now too this time of year, but Legoland rocked the Monkey’s socks on this one! Serious. Loved it.


Legoland has lots of cool things for kiddos under the age of 11 is my assessment. Once the Monkey gets past that age, we will be hard pressed for things to keep him busy. All the rides were wicked age appropriate and we had a blast, but when the day was done there was definitely nothing we missed out on. One day was enough for us. We will most likely go back for the water park this summer, but didn’t invest in a season pass for this one.

My advice…

  1. Pack a cooler for lunches. The prices of this park rival Disneyland! I can get away with spending money at Disneyland with my annual pass thanks to the foods discount, but a buddy told me to save my dough for the Lego toys. Glad we did.
  2. Bring a backpack with snacks!
  3. Don’t rush to get their early during the winter. Use the extra time to get breakfast locally and get the kids amped up.
  4. Do see the Aquarium if you can, loved the set up and it was way better than Aquarium of the Pacific which is more expensive and not as cool.
  5. Take advantage of deals and coupons. The entrance fee is $78 for adults! Enough said.

Check back for my next post on the ever continuing awesome that is Sea World…

***No one paid me for this. But thanks to Klout for the Perk tickets!


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