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Sleep is on my mind today.

Sort of like that guy who you had a killer first date with that just never called. Remember those days, when I dated? I only think about it now, because sleep has become an illusive bedtime buddy that I miss desperately today. No I’m not suffering from insomnia. I’m suffering from Monkey-Has-Fear-of-the-Dark-ia and it’s effecting my sleep. All last week and all this weekend, he was up asking for checks under the bed, more nightlights and explaining scary dreams that even made me sad panda.

My Monkey is a classic over-thinker like his Mama. Recently, the topic of death came into his world. Not because someone died but because we went to the cemetery in my hometown for a visit to my Grandparents and Tio’s resting places. His little mind has been in hyper-drive ever since. I can see it happening. He’s fearing death, the dark, nightmares and losing Mama. According to my trip down Google Lane and a quick chat with a Child Shrink this is normal at this age. Crap I went through when I was a Little Devil and my little Monkey has inherited my existential over processing chip and I don’t know if I can make it through this phase without a fistful of NO Dose and an endless cup of Americano.

It’s one of those things. One of those Mama things that most people in my world don’t understand because they don’t have kids. I can see the confusion as I talk about why I’m exhausted…shouldn’t he just go to sleep and be fine?  Indeed he should but life is full of ups and downs and with kids they are never static and usually unexpected. It would help if it made sense. I mean adults go through periods of insomnia that aren’t explainable in a way that is frustrating, right? YES! It’s hard to tell a 5-year old to suck it up when just three weeks ago I was suffering from such bad anxiety that sleep only came if I popped a melatonin. I’m only human and so is he.

This morning I didn’t have nearly enough coffee for the pieced together sleep I’ve experienced all weekend but I’m still looking forward to seeing my Monkey after work. Such is the life.

What do y’all do when you don’t get enough sleep? How do you help your littles get past phases like fear of the dark?


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