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Super Drinker to the Rescue!

Super Drinker to the Rescue!

I have a new job. I know, I know. WHAT?? WHY?

Officially, I am the most employed woman on the planet to date. Honestly, I tend to be a bit of a bleeding heart when it comes to certain causes and this last job pulled at those heart strings.

Since my time in college, I have always worked towards finding a way to do good with my work. Freelancing brought me editing jobs that gave me a chance to help small businesses grown and evolve without allowing my pocket to grow. So, after the Monkey was born I turned to corporate America. I found what I thought was a stable job. I dug my heels into forcing myself to become a part of the corporate society picture. Well this last April that all fell apart thanks to those handy corporate restructures.

I found a job. Then the company tanked. Then I found my last job. And well not that it tanked but after the life was sucked out of me I was once again eliminated.

There are times when I wish I was a little bit more aggressive with people. There are times when I wish people heard me. But then there are times like these where I know that some people just don’t know how to listen. There are just some people who don’t get it at all. And it’s not my job to teach them. My heart started to hurt and my head began to spin and at that point it was dunzo.

One would think that at this point I would break down and roll into a ball and just die. Right? NO! Mama doesn’t play that way. I just don’t. And thanks to the Boyfriend who encouraged me to get out there and find something new, I started looking before my ship once again sank. He saw it coming. He knew that my value was not being valued. He saw that job for what it was and he pushed me to seek out something that would get me back to what made me happy. Writing. Being creative. Doing my thing. And I did. I’m not going to brag about my job or how awesome I already think it is. It’s literally only day two.

Mama feels good. Mama is happy. I come home and I don’t have to worry about checking my email every five minutes. I am sitting here watching The Daily Show with the Boyfriend, writing and not stressing about reading anyone’s mind. I love today.

Oh and as my severance, I got this wicked cool Guinea Pig that the Monkey named Super Drinker….BE JEALOUS cause she is full of awesome! What? You’ve never gotten an animal as severance before? You are missing out because this little lady has changed the game for the Monkey and me and the Boyfriend. Best severance ever, well except she isn’t going to pay the rent but ya know, I will let it go…

Super Drinker To The Rescue


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