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Found Better than a Man

Found Better than a Man

When I was preggers, I listened to the same music over and over and over. I embeded certain songs in my soul to get me through the days when I would wake up and question if the Bio would ever realize how huge a mistake he had made.

Music literally saved our lives…

Last night there was a screening of the Pearl Jam documentary PJ20 and when this song played, I remembered the listening to Vitalogy over and over again in my truck and the tears late at night while I prayed to Jeebus to help me be strong.

Not for the love lost but for what I found in those months of desperation…

I found something better than a man who couldn’t love me the way I deserved; I found myself in a family with the most amazing little person who has taught me everything I have learned and continues to do so.

If you haven’t seen the documentary, you should. If you haven’t listened to Pearl Jam in a while you should.

Music heals. I know this.


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