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Nanny Cams and Lady’s who Lunch


I’ve got several housewife friends that live in my suburban area. Scratch that. Acquaintances. These women are good people, they are just not my people. And every year for the last five years I have seen each one of the 8 or so ladies get divorced or find out about infidelity.

I am their token single Mom friend. I get invited to lunches where they tell each other bad news and expect me to be the buffer. I am the one they talk to when their husbands act out of turn to see if I have insight into how to fix it. I am the one who knows they are all lying to themselves.

There is nothing wrong with being a housewife. My Mom was one on and off for the entirety of my childhood. Working when my sister and I went to school cause she was not one to sit at home and knit. Every woman is different. I respect that.

Today I was invited to sit with the ladies who lunch for a quick bite. I declined. I’m ubber busy with work and just can’t spend two hours chattering about stuff. But the knock on my door told me this was one of those lunches. These two women came together for lunch and one decided to tell the other she was ‘in love’ with her husband and was in fact the reason the hubby in question left his family. Ugh. The crying. The sobbing. The flask. Brilliant. Later this afternoon we spoke again, her estranged hubby called and said there was no way to prove it… here say, blah, blah, blah. But like any good suburban soap opera there was more to the story…

See my friend had borrowed Nanny Cam’s from a friend of hers to find out if their Nanny was indeed stealing from them or if he husband was selling their wares for cash. And so as she cleaned out the cards on the Nanny Cam there it was her proof. Proof that her hubby was banging her buddy. I mean it all seems like a terrible sitcom show. Like something from a bad episode of Dateline. See here’s the thing…Karma is a bitch. That’s right friends. My Lunching Lady friend has a pre-nup with her hubby. He comes from money. He comes from a family built on paying people to go away. And so now, they will pay her to go away.

My question…how did he not notice a bear sitting on the shelf in the living room? Shit I think I even asked about it when I was dropping off something at the house. People suck. People do awful things. People are selfish. People close their eyes to the truth of their reality and pretend happiness. I don’t know how they manage. I don’t know that I could live a lie and be okay with it.

Moral of the story? Be friends with people who are friends with you with all their heart. Know who is on your side and trust them. Be honest with yourself about what you are truly capable of and what you want out of life. And most importantly, live every day with an honest heart.

My Lunching Lady is rejoicing tonight. Forgetting that she was betrayed by the father of her children and her buddy. She is celebrating her victory over the Man, and by Man I mean her almost-Ex. Her sights are set on her visit with her attorney on Friday and how much money she will get and how the house will be hers.

This evening I will close out the day with knowing that I am not like those people. And I’m glad they know nothing about me.


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