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Drunk Dating.


Have you ever been on a date with someone and thought ‘well he seems okay and nice and not bad looking’ and then the more grown-up beverages consumed the gentlemen across the way goes from being mediocre to awesomesauce like nobodies business? Yes! Me too!! I’ve done it too!!!

Walk with me if you will down a road we have all likely traveled only to realize that it was in fact just the booze talking…

As I was talking with a dear friend of mine about a recent foray into suburban dating, it was pointed out to me that all of my stories involved alcohol and well being either tipsy or drunk. And thus ladies and gentlemen Drunk Dating is born. Why would one engage in such a dating relationship? Well personally, it had been a while since I met someone with even a stitch of promise. Do we not remember Fuck Your Face Guy? Come on people! I was at my wits end. What presented itself was a typical male bred in suburbia and well while that is fine for the many women, this Mama needs far more interesting dating material. And so I found myself literally drowning my sorrows in booze with this man who probably would have suited my High School BFF bettter. No seriously, even though I am a Mom and have a sorta family I’m not your typical average Bear. I want more than just a house with a hubby and kids yanking at my apron strings. And booze cured me of feeling like this man was something he really wasn’t in real life. I lost myself in pretending that he could be what I wanted in and out of the bedroom. BAM! Yep, I went there. The drinking helped me eek through mediocre suburban mingling with someone who was probably doing the same damn thing. Pretending I was what he wanted at least for the moment.

Drunk dating is a bad thing. Drunk dating is basically beer goggles but with a purpose other than just banging.Drunk dating is basically lying. It’s not the first time I’ve clouded my own judgement with a few drinks in the hopes that the good times were real. And we all know that this is never the way it really goes. But in the face of someone who really knows me, it was plain to see what I had done. I mean there is a reason Patty Stanger has rules about dating…two drink minimum, no sex before monogamy (I always mess that one up) and date for you, no for someoneelse’sexpectations (this one I’m getting better at). Getting lost in the moment is something I am good at and getting lost in moments is one thing but creating moments that aren’t there is a whole other. I’ve gone over this before friends there’s gotta be something real or it’s not worth killing yourself over.

Chatting with my friends about this and those who actually know the situation will now forever more make fun of me for this one. I know they will. But hey, wait until y’all see what I’ve got cooked up now.It’s really not a total loss. Honestly, it kinda contributed to the continuation of my come back. Life’s lessons make us stronger and better and keep us on our toes. Word to the wise kids don’t Drunk Date it’s just not worth the calories consumed.


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