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Co-parenting as it Comes.


Today was Therapy Wednesday for me and the Bio. It’s in our Parenting agreement. We started out doing it because we were being forced to by the judge but it has turned out to be the place where we find the truth between up. Therapy has given us a place to become co-parents and leave behind the baggage of the break-up. Between my own monthly therapy sessions to work on my own defects and these now once a month sit-downs, I feel more on top of how I function than ever. But more importantly the Bio and I have proven to ourselves that the 20-year long relationship can become something we never intended. We are the Monkey’s parents and we are working together. *sigh*

Collectively we agree it might not last. There might be moments when we hate each other again and resent being stuck together like glue for a minimum of 14.5 more parenting decision making years. And yet, these last couple of months have been relatively peaceful and that makes life as a single Mama easier to cope with every day.

We made choices together without attorneys present. We discussed options and didn’t spend a buttload of money on our lawyers simply talking us through it. We are working on co-parenting as it comes.

Truth be told, I find it showing in my other choices in life. Not clinging to things I thought were good for me, case in point Mr. S and his dramarama. Or feeling like I have to be the fixer for friends who can’t do for themselves and make grown-up choices. Helping other has always distracted me from my own discord and misery. Hell, if I’m helping someone else than my life can’t be that bad, right? And yet today, I see the choices I’m making being more informed and less reactionary due to emotion…there is a balance in my life. Less jumping without looking and more leaping into pleasant waters.

Leaping with faith is more fun than jumping onto rocks and ending up with scrapes and bruises…just saying.


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