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On my Day with Daddy we went to…


…the Gym apparently.

The Monkey has new visitation with his Bio as of a several weeks ago and we just started overnights every other Sunday…so far the nights are fine…it’s the day after that makes me cringe and often cry.

Yesterday the Monkey asked me if we could get ready to do exercises…I was sort of baffled since I’m not really the let’s go do exercises kind of Mommy. After a few requests to go, I had to ask…’Monkey when do you go do exercises?’…the answer…’Daddy takes me to the exercise store’.

At first I laughed it off and thought no big deal. How he chooses to spend his time with his child is not my business. It’s his time. So a few moments later before bedtime I started thinking about the single Dad’s in my life and the conversations we’ve had about time and how precious it is. One of my co-workers (still need a good tag name for him) and fellow single parents and I have chatted about this very topic.

Then enter my new dating guy HSD and his visitation views. He has his son (4 yr. old next week) from Thursday night to Monday morning every other weekend. As we chatted about when we’d get to see each other next I said something about letting me know when he was available…knowing full well he was with kiddo this weekend. I adored his response…’I’m booked until Monday, but maybe we could meet at the park’. Okay so here’s how the rest went…he feels that every moment he gets with his son is awesome and he needs to dedicate more time to him than to anything else (Me) and he just hopes I understand.

Do I understand? HELLS YEA!!!

As a single Mama who has spent more time ditching guys and/or being ditched by them because this is the stand I take on my son, I completely love this side of him. (not like LOVE but you know appreciate). I adore when a man with children (married or single) knows how good he has it to have them in his life and appreciates that gift. So I drift to thoughts of the Bio and how the Monkey explains his day with his Bio and it makes me flame up…but again nada I can do about it.

So, I’m wondering fellow Single Mama’s and Papa’s…how do you keep the flames out of your noggin when your kiddo comes back a whole different animal?


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