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Surviving Sick Weekend.


This weekend was pretty epic as far as weekends go. The Monkey has been sick in months so when he started showing signs of sick middle of last week I was hoping that he’d be better by the weekend so we could enjoy a visit from the Boyfriend’s brother. Sadly enough things didn’t work out exactly as planned.

Friday night was the first night the Boyfriend has experienced sick with me and the Monkey. Sick, as parents know, is either no biggie or epic in an awful way. And well this cold went from no biggie to epic in just 24 hours. Twenty-four hours of coughing and coughing and coughing. Monkey is the best kind of sick kid. He still wants to play and has the best attitude but the rub is getting him to sit still and rest. So on Friday night when sitting still wasn’t an issue I knew this was getting into epic territory. The Boyfriend followed my lead and even helped me tucked the Monkey into my bed because we were both just a little bit freaked out by the cough that wouldn’t quit. All night the Monkey tossed and turned and together we comforted him and made sure he was comfy.

By Saturday morning, the Little Bro was here and the Monkey desperately wanted to be better but it just wasn’t in the cards. He seemed better and was even coughing a little less until the night fell. The Bros had gone off for the evening and had landed at my Sister’s House for good times with The Bro-in-Law and I with the Monkey settled in for a night that seemed better. Well that is until around 2am when the coughing kicked back up and wouldn’t let up. At some point the Boyfriend came home and the Monkey and I danced the coughing rampage dance until 7.30am Sunday, when I couldn’t take it anymore and we dashed to urgent care with my Mom. And within the hour we were back home with the Monkey passed out in the car seat and me ready for a nap too. Managing just an hour of napish time before the Monkey woke and began demanding play time, when the Boyfriend came in and ordered me to nap while he and the Little Bro took care of the Monkey and watched football.

Let us pause for a moment of shock and awe. That’s right ladies and dudes, the Boyfriend told me that I needed a nap and he would take care of the Monkey. Why is this so unusual still? Well, even though the Boyfriend and I have structured a great relationship and the Monkey adores him, I would never have thought to have him watch the Monkey (even in the same house) while I rested. And maybe that’s just my own stubborn, I-can-do-it-all-mentality, but it’s just not something I ever planned on counting on someone else doing for us. The reality of the situation was though that if I didn’t get some rest I would have been no good to anyone, and especially not the Monkey, who needed me to be in top shape.  This is serious folks. This is like super serious. Like giant-mama-steps-towards-awesome…

Two hours later and I was almost back in fighting shape. A few errands ran and more time lounging while my house was filled with the sounds of the NFL on Sunday and some serious swooning time while I thought of how previous sick times had been spent. Me on the couch exhausted and begging the Monkey to be calm and relax and pretending I didn’t need the help offered to me by my family. But help it turns out is good. I can’t believe I just typed that. Dang it.

My Boyfriend is amazeballs. Trufax.

Moral of the story here is that even though we are used to things being a certain way that change is not always bad. There are people in the world who love unconditionally and aren’t related by blood and just do things because they care. While it feels odd to admit it, there are times when I need to embrace change and just let it be and I’m glad we made it through this sick weekend with no blood being spilled. I’m glad that I have been so lucky to meet a man who is so dedicated to not just me but to the Monkey and keeping us both healthy and happy.This weekend was full of awesome in spite of the sickness that echoed through the house.

And I think I’m more in love with the Boyfriend than I was before…if that is even possible…


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