Keep on Trucking.


Isn’t funny when you really wish your life would just settle, things seem to get more and more up in the air.

My last post about Good Guy, was really a downer. I know, I know. Well, after listening to my man-friends I put down the Dooms Day March and pick up the phone. While I feel like our conversation was good, neither one of us has really seemed that eager to make plans. And so the dating continues. We do still talk every day, and text and so forth, but I think we may have reach an impasse in our process. Two stubborn-ish people who don’t like to settle for status quo. And so I keep on trucking.

With all that being said, here I am. Back out there looking for someone who can keep up with me and offer me a stable relationship with a little something-something. Not that I won’t see Good Guy again if that should come up. But, I do feel like sometimes people are less available than they think they are. His friends are a high priority for him, and while that is wicked cool, it does frequently interfere with plans and has left me ready and holding the bag a few times. Not a deal breaker, but just one of those things that happens.

So, yeah. Given the State of the Mama’s singledom, friends are bringing out the big guns. I’ve had several offers for hook-ups from buddies and trust me this is the worse part of dating. Everyone knows someone perfect. And most of the time, like with the Sexter this last week, they are not remotely close to decent. While it is good for a laugh, this is why I believe deep down that I am meant to be solo. There just do not appear to be any men out there who are truly serious about relationships. Good Guy really wants something concrete and long-term but being the Old Folks we are at this point he is so set in his ways that he’s not really able to give someone like me what she’s looking to accomplish.

And with that we return to your regularly scheduled snark and skepticism.


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