Ya Viene el Sol


This last weekend the Monkey and I with Grandma in tow trekked down to DTLA for an amazing experience…OZOkids. That’s right OZOMATLI is now doing shows for families…

Many Ozomatli fans who’ve embraced the band since their inception now have kids of their own, and Ozo are thrilled to now offer a show that an entire family can enjoy together. The band are currently in the studio with acclaimed producer Tony Berg, recording a children’s album for release in 2011.

For those of you who don’t know, Ozo is something that is embedded deep in my heart and soul. Fourteen years ago, my Tio who passed almost a year ago took me to see Ozomatli for the first time. I was 18 years old and it was an experience that my soul recorded to playback forever and ever. If you have never seen them live then you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Since my first show so many years ago, I have seen seven official Ozo shows, five unofficial shows like the year they played the Santa Monica Boardwalk in some random concert series and two moments where I just happened to be in the right place at that moment. Their music along with bands like Los LobosManaCafe TecubaGo Betty Go! and sooo many other leave me with an ethereal connection to my Tio and all those shows he dragged me to when I was a youngster because he happened to have an extra ticket. He was that kinda of person. Sharing and giving and compassionate.

In my heart, I know that had he survived to see this phenomenal experience happen he would have been the one to take the Monkey to the show and let me tag along. He would have known about this before me and wanted to share it with my son, just like he did with me.

Three days later, I am finally not sore anymore from holding the Monkey, all 40lbs of him, up so he could watch the band play song-after-song as he sung along with amazement. Grabbing my face every so often to point out the drums or the trumpet or the silly hats they wore for each song. Looking around at the crowd of kids and parents dancing and jumping with every beat. The whole week prior to the show we had practiced chaning Ozo…Matli! and he followed the band like he was seeing them for the second or third time and not the first. Musica es la vida. As the show closed and we scarfed pizza in the back of the Echoplex while the Monkey explained to me the awesomeness of Ozo and he chanted with the band as they exited the stage and closed with their signature drumline.

Ya Viene el Sol - Ya Viene el Sol
Just a sneak at the dancing…if you’re an FB friend you can see the rest there as soon as I load them.

This group of extremely gifted individuals in my eyes are what success looks like…they give back to those of us who have followed their journey over the last 15 years and they show us what it is like to know who you are and be proud of what you come from. It is something that gives me hope. Showing my son that he can do and be anything he chooses in life is what I can offer him, and I hope he can see Men like the Ozo Crew and know that they are doing what they love every single day. Anything is possible.

And this morning as I drove the Monkey to school he asked me to play his favorite music…Ozomatli. My heart is full today and this kiddo has done wonders for my spirit.

And this morning as I drove the Monkey to school he asked me to play his favorite music…Ozomatli. My heart is full today and this kiddo has done wonders for my spirit.


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