Another one bites the dust…


Not that I was expecting miracles or wedding bells from Mountain Man but my heart had hope. He was kind and generous when we were together. Coming up with really great things to do with our time together. After my dating fail with Mr. Faith this was big for me. We were on some level connecting and learning about each other in a way that I hadn’t ever experienced. We talked about everything and it was for the 3 months…awesome.

On Friday I declared it over. Done. Kaput. Finished. Poof. Yuck.

The long and short of it…he went MIA for two weeks. We talked two days before my birthday, he texted me on my birthday and then nada. I was in contact to try to confirm our plans to celebrate my birthday the following week and NADA. No text. No phone call. Nothing. Not even a gosh darn smoke signal from Reno.

Alright, so I’m not all heartbroken or wallowing in the depths of despair over this semi-relationship ending. After all this was kind of a one-sided ending and I’m not even sure he knows it’s over. But, at this point I’m feeling some kind of strange hypnotic power. I think they call it independence (?).

In my relationship with the Bio I was always waiting…waiting for the other shoe to drop, waiting for him to call, waiting for him to get off work, waiting for him to grow up and be present in our life together…lots of wating. You get the point. And, I got nothing from it. Just a broken heart and tons of time spent feeling like I was fighting the good fight for two. When really I just needed to be fighting the good fight for ME. I forget about me in most of my relationships with people in general.

I’m a giver. My best friend teases me that as soon as I get into something with someone I check myself at the door. Well not this time, kids. My heart will not be broken by some lame jerk-off who doesn’t have the balls to tell me if he’s just ‘over it’ and I will not spend the next 14 days in my ‘jamas eating salty foods and pints of ice cream while I mend from the whole ordeal.

I’m done. To quote my pal @laprimera ‘Next!’. W00T!!


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