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Tell me lies.


This is purely venting.

People lie for stupid reasons. They want what they can’t have. They want their cake and eat it too. Or they can’t figure out that honesty is what really appeals to most people.

Well, I’m apparently an idiot…I put my faith in people and I trust what they say. I love with all my heart and keep my promises or I don’t promise at all. My life is lived by basic rules and those rules I learned when I was in Preschool…treat others how you want to be treated.

There is no point in drilling someone for the truth, if they don’t know how to provide it. Because they won’t. They will dig deeper and deeper into the hole and not want to climb out.


Someone I trusted, someone I loved as a friend and someone I felt was a part of this life I am living has lied to me.

The detachment begins and it hurts. It hurts that he was there when I was down and he was there when I was up and he made me hurt a few times along the way.

But, he doesn’t deserve this friend.


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