Dumping eHarmony


As I continue my adventure into on-line dating I am dumping eHarmony.

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the first few weeks of giddy joy that getting updates through email brought almost daily. I did. It was great at first. But, then it almost nearly stopped. No emails. Hardly any matches delivered into my inbox and the quality has dropped significantly.

I had two great contenders who have managed to fall off the face of the earth…and new matches, I look at and wonder ‘how do i even match with this person’?

So, I’ve been cheating on eHarmony with Chemistry.com and I’ve decided to stick with Chemistry. The matches seem more suited to me and more like people I would talk to if I had the guts to walk up to them in the Albertson’s.

And of course it’s where I met Mr. Faith…so far going very well!

I think with all these on-line dating sites it’s tough to find where you fit. I’ve looked at all the free sites like OKC and that Fish one and those are just intimidating! And, well scary.

My heart is fragile. My life is filled with conundrum after conundrum. My head is filled with thoughts of how I can make this life better for me and my Monkey.

On-line dating is not for the weak or those who are shy about who you want to be or where you want this life to take you. Just remember that breaking up with an on-line sight is okay. Even when they want to quiz you on your stability and making sure you are making the best choice for you.

Be strong. Just do it. (I hope the swoosh people don’t sue me for that one)


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