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Monkey Rocks First Day of School!

First week of school in the books and Monkey has survived.

 The Monkey Rocks School

I remember my first days of school. Always full of anticipation and eagerness. I was a school junky. Loved it. Craved it. Waited for it. Summer was pretty damn awesome but school was my chance to be fabulous in my always color coordinated 80’s outfits and of course the stunning side pony tail. Rockstar!

Two weeks before school started for the Monkey, we started talking about it. He was tragically not looking forward to ending Summer and heading back to school. We are wicked fortunate that we are walking distance to one of the best schools in our ‘burb. While I’ve had a heck of a time acclimating to being the one of the several single Mamas eyed by the paired off Mommies, I love the programs and the message. Last year was horrifying. Monkey was bullied and treated awfully by a little boy. The kids in his class branded him as one of the “Bad Kids” and he cried on a handful of days over it. My heart broke. The teacher didn’t seem to realize the gravity of the situation, and she seemed to have formed a tight bond with the Bio. All the combined and well, school ending was a welcome sight to all of us.

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Running for Rhinos.

When I was 21 years old I ran what I thought would be my very last half marathon. But that all changed yesterday…in a big way. Yesterday, I ran the San Diego Safari Park Half Marathon and got bit by the bug again.

For the last four months, I have been increasing my mileage and pushing myself to the limit with my running and trying my hardest to keep on track. In spite of all the random road blocks, I did it. With the motivation of the Boyfriend and the Monkey I ran 13.1 miles yesterday and only about 3 of those miles truly sucked ass. At the 10K point I felt wicked in control of my own running destiny. My timing was good. My pace as phenomenal. And then, I hit this… Read more…

Raising Monkey: The Bio Roadblocks

There is something blissfully wonderful about going to a Parent-Teacher Conference and having the person who donated sperm to Project Monkey ignores every single question from my mouth.

That’s right folks we had our conference with the Monkey’s kinder teacher and while there he only responded to the teacher and not to me. Not once. I asked questions. Nada. The teacher asked him questions. Answered in full gosh darn sentences. This of course is weird because he usually is fond of grunting and mumbling responses to educators.

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