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Mama Got a P!NK Birthday Present!

In less than ten days, I turn 35 years youngish. I’ve lost ten of the 25 pounds that I was hoping to make kick rocks by the end of the year. And last night, the Boyfriend took me to see P!NK at the Staples Center with one of our most faboo friends Lady Cat.

I can’t stop looking at this photo that Lady Cat took of us while I held our drinks. Every birthday before the Boyfriend was kinda typical. Birthday dinner with the family. Night out for drinks with friends. Yadda yadda.

The smile on my face screams it all.


Read for the Record with Lakeshore!

Education is a fairly big deal in my life. I grew up with teachers. I grew up with a Mama who instilled in me that education was key to success. But, she was also an innovator. Adapting what she learned as an educator to teach her amazing students of all types, as well as showing me and my sister the best ways to tackle our own learning pitfalls.

I can remember my Mom toting around the giant Lakeshore catalog in her Teacher Bag with page corner folded down of things she needed for her class or for home during the Summer time. Today, Lakeshore is partnering with parents of all kinds to make big things happen and I’m thrilled to be asked to share it with y’all.


Lakeshore Learning Stores ( will celebrate Jumpstart’s Read for the Record®, presented in partnership with the Pearson Foundation dedicated to helping children develop early language and literary skills. This free event at the Lakeshore Learning Store in West L.A. will consist of guest readings from this year’s official campaign book, Otis by KTLA’s Chris Burrous, U.S. Olympian Sprinter Brushon Nellum, and actress and celebrity mom Christie Lynn Smith (“General Hospital”) this year’s official campaign book, Otis. In addition, families will be able to take part in free crafts inspired by the readings, and all children will be awarded their own World Record Reader Certificate.


If you love the idea of spreading the news about reading and encouraging kiddos to not just read stories but tell their very own, then stop by a Lakeshore Learning Center this weekend from 11am to 3pm, this Saturday September 28th and join in on the celebration! If you aren’t sure where a Lakeshore Learning Store is then visit their website today and check it out.


Perhaps you’re in the Los Angeles area? Drop by the Lakeshore Learning Store  at 8888 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90034 for a special set of activity with celebrity guests and fabulous family friendly activities.

Have questions? Shoot me a message and I will get you all the deets.

The Gypsy Den – Good Eats.

The Boyfriend and I do our best to get away every now and then. We are true passion travelers with a desire to uncover the unknown but lately we’ve been finding that the local flavor in So Cal is full of hidden awesome.

This weekend found us taking the many freeways from our hidden burrow in SCV down to the OC for some friend time at California Adventure. Our Monkey-less weekends are usually spent wondering around the house and working on our freelance projects or building the amazing pet project we both have our hearts deep into Stark Social Media. Read more…

Epic Self Discovery!

Yesterday, the Monkey and I drove up the coast for what was coined an Epic Play Date hosted by Hyundai. It truly was epic.

Initially, when I saw the offering posted on a Facebook group I am a member there was no way I was skipping the conference I already had plans to attend. Unfortunately, after a family tragedy I had no desire to be around people. No desire to schmooze and gather biz cards or flaunt my wares for all to see. There was no part of me that wanted to listen to anyone tell me how to make my blog more successful or brand myself. Crap that’s what I have the Boyfriend for…literally that’s his job, branding.

I digress.

Yesterday morning I woke up to the alarm and was weary. Withsadness and with the desire to escape and so the Epic Play Date seemed perfect. I packed the Monkey in the car – grabbed some Starbucks and hit the 101 Freeway to Santa Barbara. To be honest, I had no idea what was in store. What could possibly be epic about driving to a ranch in the middle of nowhere and hanging out with bloggers that I read daily?

If you haven’t read my post from yesterday the truly epic-ness of the day came from what I experienced with my Monkey. Read the post and then come back. Read more…

Walking the Tightrope

Mama doesn’t get to go to nearly enough theater. Seriously. I just don’t. (insert every excuse under the sun) But when I was a young girl, I daydreamed about standing on the stage at the Ahmanson and being so blinded by stage lights that I couldn’t see a darn thing. And when I was cast as the tailor in Taming of the Shrew as a high school freshman and then passed over for a key role in East of Eden well, I realized my talents truly weren’t as the leading lady or the quirky best friend, but as the crafty wordsmith…and well you all kinda know the rest. Read more…

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