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Monkey Gets a Tutor.

This evening I did something I never thought I’d have to do. I signed the Monkey up for a twice weekly tutor.

(insert desperate sigh of agony)

Monkey is smart. He’s above average in reading and imagination but seems to get stuck in other areas of academics. Timed math tests kill him. Writing more than a few sentences frustrates him. Being taken away from art or science makes him frown. Music makes him dance but he’s not allowed to be too silly. P.E. class has turned him off because the teacher says he’s too slow sometimes to follow instructions. His teacher tries her best but she’s got thirty kids to attend to every day.

And so a few months ago I began the search. Sitting down at franchises, meeting with independent tutors, talking with teachers who did tutoring on the side and now we’ve finally found home. Last week and the week before we visited. We observed. Tonight Monkey tested the full spectrum.

Strangely enough, I did so well in school and sadly I expected that he’d grow out of some of the issues or he’d find his balance with his fidgets and quirks. Testing him was out of the question for his Bio once he began talking to everyone but me about the possibility of ADD being a reality. I’ve known it in my heart since Kinder. I’ve seen it on his face and in his actions. My Monkey.

Amazing just how he is and brilliant with his stories and elaborate games with rules no one but him can remember. Normalcy in our education system isn’t designed for kids like me and mine. We fight for ourselves and push against walls to make it through every single day. And now because our education system isn’t built for boys and girls like Monkey, the Boyfriend and I and my parents are pulling together to make things happen.

I’m happy with the home we’ve found for his studies. The women who run the center he’ll be receiving one-on-one tutoring from have been doing it as long as I’ve been alive.

I have faith that this will help. I’m not sure how much faith I have in our schools.


Mama Cries with a Bear.

Parents should never lost a child. And even though Erik Kramer, is a former Bears QB (Go Pack Go!), I cried when I read the interview with him in the Chicago Tribune about the death of his teenage son last October. Seriously sat at my laptop and cried when I read it. And then there’s the aspect of drug abuse and addiction that pulled at every inch of my soul.

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Raising Monkey: The Bio Roadblocks

There is something blissfully wonderful about going to a Parent-Teacher Conference and having the person who donated sperm to Project Monkey ignores every single question from my mouth.

That’s right folks we had our conference with the Monkey’s kinder teacher and while there he only responded to the teacher and not to me. Not once. I asked questions. Nada. The teacher asked him questions. Answered in full gosh darn sentences. This of course is weird because he usually is fond of grunting and mumbling responses to educators.

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