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SB: Brewhouse Melts Mama’s Face

Last night the Future Husband and I walked to a local eatery and brewhouse, literally called The Brewhouse – that on that site called Yelp, got serious great reviews.

With them being walking distance to the Eagle Inn where we frequently lay out noggins when in Santa Barbara, we couldn’t resist. After browsing their website¬†and realizing they had a wicked good happy hour, we strolled down the street and away from the beach.

Their list of beers that brew themselves as well as on tap was startlingly impressive….

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Road Trippin’ to the Lost Abbey


I love exploring parts of worlds that I think I already know really well, and find places I didn’t know where there. Every time the Boyfriend and I drive down to San Diego, we talk about exploring certain places and going to certain things – and this time I wasn’t going to make it all the way down here without visiting some of the tasty flavors. No folks, not Mexican foods as it seems every one thinks – BEER!

I sat down at the laptop, and popped open my now defunct Yelp account, and searched breweries in the Escondido and San Marcos area; and one kept popping up every time I searched Google and Yelp. Lost Abbey and it’s sister brew company Port Brewing Company. After working out the details of where we Read more…