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Watch the Shadows.

Lately, I’ve been exploring my camera work and started stumbling around with Future Husband’s DSLR yesterday. While those aren’t posed yet and I will post them soon. This picture I took last week while watching Monkey play has quickly become one of my favorites.

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Monkey Rocks First Day of School!

First week of school in the books and Monkey has survived.

 The Monkey Rocks School

I remember my first days of school. Always full of anticipation and eagerness. I was a school junky. Loved it. Craved it. Waited for it. Summer was pretty damn awesome but school was my chance to be fabulous in my always color coordinated 80’s outfits and of course the stunning side pony tail. Rockstar!

Two weeks before school started for the Monkey, we started talking about it. He was tragically not looking forward to ending Summer and heading back to school. We are wicked fortunate that we are walking distance to one of the best schools in our ‘burb. While I’ve had a heck of a time acclimating to being the one of the several single Mamas eyed by the paired off Mommies, I love the programs and the message. Last year was horrifying. Monkey was bullied and treated awfully by a little boy. The kids in his class branded him as one of the “Bad Kids” and he cried on a handful of days over it. My heart broke. The teacher didn’t seem to realize the gravity of the situation, and she seemed to have formed a tight bond with the Bio. All the combined and well, school ending was a welcome sight to all of us.

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A Slice of Sugarloaf

This morning I woke up in the woods. I made a fire and saw this out my window…


Yesterday, The Boyfriend and The Monkey and me, jumped in the PT Crapper called Betty and ventured over the mountains and through the woods to Big Bear. Thanks to the fabulous So Cal Lady Bloggers, I connected with the owner of this fabulous retreat Prince Pines. This place is stunning and fabulously appointed. Upon walking into the cabin I was transported back in time to when I was a kid with it’s lovely wood flooring, stone stacked fireplace and full kitchen this place took me back. Love it here!
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Today I am Blue.

Mama is no stranger to the BIG D and well I’ve never been a shy to share it. It’s that sharing that has helped me gain some insight into the changes I need to make. It’s helped me find the doors I need to close and the windows I need to open and jump through. One of those windows, has been getting my booty to the gym on a regular basis and making moves to be healthier all around. Mama who wrote about how horrible it was to think about paying for the gym, is now a full fledged gym persona.

Mr. Awesome has called me a Gym Rat. I am there four to five days a week. I have weight to lose. I have baggage to toss. I have a lot of work left to do on me as a whole… Read more…

Living it.

Being a realist about most things, and having grown-up a shit-ton since I was 24-year Mama, I expect people to just get it most of the time. Like logic. Logic is a funny word, especially when people throw it around and it doesn’t apply. Logic to me is when you see an issue and you point blank make a black or white choice that fits the bill. Logic means looking at both sides presented by my Libra Brain, and doing the work. Logic is sometimes making painful choices that hurt. Hurt the folks around us, heck even ourselves sometimes.

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