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Singles in America

I’m not single anymore. However that doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot of input on the topic of being a single person (and Mama). So recently, I had the pleasure of being asked to think about this subject andĀ participateĀ in a ridiculously cool on-line event, Single in America hosted by Read more…

Losing 500 Days.

I don’t obsess about many things. It truly takes something unique and well, a smidgen quirky for me to obsess. I’ve never actually obsessed over a person. Still haven’t in spite of what some folks might believe. Obsession to me is what drives people to do either ridiculously awful things or completely fantastic things. Let’s all reference Fatal Attraction shall we? I mean come on, that is like the pinnacle of obsessive behavior, no?

Yep, I’ve never been that into getting someone’s attention. Never. Ever.

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Ashton Looking for Love On-Line?!?

What do my wandering eyes spy? Well, I’ll be damned if it isn’t Ashton Kutcher looking for love on-line!?! Yes, ladies this single man about town is looking for love in all the places you might be.

Everyone deserves a chance at true love, no? This dashing dude has created an on-line dating profile and is currently (okay maybe not right now) browsing the lovelies of the net for the one! On-line dating is the most popular means of searching for love today, and who knows your next wine bar date might include a celebrity entourage if you play your Dating Cards right.

Peep this video of Mr. Kutcher doing this thang to get pumped for love hunting…

Honestly, I think I’ve dated all those guys. Who knew they were all Ashton! Jeepers what was I thinking. Well, my loss ladies is obviously your gain. No?

If that doesn’t get your dating mojo recharged then take a gander at the other gents who have taken up with World Wide Lovers to make love happen in all the right places.

Don’t forget to let Mama know how it goes!


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My Klout Means I’m HOT!

When I was busy with the world of on-line dating, there were these scary percentages next to everyone’s name on OKCupid. Why so scary? Because you answered a set of obviously leading questions and then from there some high-tech algorithm decided your percentage of compatibility. Lame.

Being the rebel that I am and always will be, I never paid those trivial little numbers things any mind. I dated without a percentage in my noggin! 52% Match? Sweet! Let’s cause havoc and not care!

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Online Dating 911!

  • Online dating. Just the thought of going back there makes my skin crawl. It’s gross. It’s awful. It’s like flying Southwest. Sometimes you just have to do it to get where you want to be. I am so glad that I never have to do it again. And I mean on-line date or fly Southwest. Never. But, I have friends who are embarking on the rocky trip back to Quick Matching their way to 100 first dates.

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